The world is a canvas to our imagination.

What sets us aside from the rest is that fact that we absolutely love what we do and it shows in our work. In life, we can only hope to achieve our goals of happiness and what better way of acheving that than by doing what you love.

You've more than likely arrived here because you're seeking some painting services. Well, you've certainly come to the right place. By navigating this site, we hope you will become more informed and entertained in the process. Let's face it, just about everybody wants to paint, but in todays lifestyle, we just don't have the time.

If you're building, remodeling, or just tackeling a small project, Trevan the Painterman can help. We only use the best paints and applicators in the market assuring you a top quality job.

Just look for the links at the top of the page to learn more about colours and quality from a few of these fine manufacturers we proudly represent. You can also check out each manafacturer we represent by viewing our associates page. Having trouble deciding on what colour to paint that room? Just give us a call and we'll bring our swatches for you to look over and we can even show you what your project will look like on the computer. Want a sneak peek? Click here to view the Color visualizer by Glidden Paints. Oh, and by the way, we don't charge for estimates. We do like coffee and cookies though.

References? We've got them too! Just look for the links and read what satisfied customers have to say about our work. We're sure you will add yours to our list as well.

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Again, welcome and thank you for stopping by. If we can be of any further service to you, we're as close as your phone, or computer if you want to email us.


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"Painterman" by Boney M.


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